Friday, 3 August 2007

Snug As A Bug In A Rug!!

OK, bit of a pic laden post today, but I can't decide which photos to put up so I'm posting them all!

I finished Xander's quilt and bumper yesterday and I'm really please with it, especially as it's the first time I've done patchwork! As you can see, Xander seems to like it too, even if it is too warm to use it yet!

We've been over them there hills today to visit Marie, Gracie and Ewan. We managed to get away with not too much arguing from the girls, and Ewan and Xander seemed quite fascinated with each other. Xan did keep grabbing Ewan's hair, eye etc, but then did give him loves and going 'Aarrrhhh!', the boy just needs a happy medium! Anyway, it was lovely to see them all and the kids slept all the way home so I got a peaceful hour out of it too!

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