Monday, 20 August 2007

Getcha Head In The Game!

Oooh, long time no blog! Didn't realise it had been over a week so here's a quick update!

Yesterday, we went to Xscape in Castleford to see the High School Musical 2 tourbus. Well, it absolutely pelted it down so we got soaked but Emily was so excited that she actually got to see the bus and the cheerleaders and basketball players! Me, well I'm just soggy! Here's a pic of Emily and her friend Milli by the bus!
Today we've had Ally and Elise down for a playdate. We were supposed to be going on a picnic but it was a bit too chilly so we had it in the living room instead! Then we took the kids to the park and the girls had a great time as you can see!There's only 4 weeks now until my baby boy turns 1! He's going through a growth spurt at the moment, he won't stop eating and sleeping and suddenly looks like a little boy rather than a baby. Next thing I know he'll be graduating and getting married! (Yeah, like any woman will ever be good enough!!)

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