Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Life's Just Peachy!!

So, we've discovered that Xander likes peaches...ALOT!!! We went to my friend Susan's house yesterday and had a lovely afternoon in the garden. Anyway, my other friend Jill brought some peaches along and Xander grabbed one and started munching away. Couldn't get the thing off him and he kept making all these little 'Mmmmmmm' noises! He was covered in juice once he's finished and it too several baby wipes to clean him up, but he was a happy little bunny afterwards!

Today's big news is, that after a 2 month dry spell, I've actually done some scrapbooking! The challenge this week was to use a lot of journalling that told a story about the picture. I've been wanting to scrap this pic of the kids for ages and I'm really pleased with it! I also received some lovely material through the post from eBay to make more patchwork quilts! So, going to start on the next one this week!

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