Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!!

We've had a lovely day today. Rob took a day off and we went on a good old family outing to Chester Zoo!The kids absolutely loved it, Emily's favourite was the lion as she was convinced that the male they had there was Aslan from Narnia! He was a very vocal boy and did lots of roaring, and also prowled around the fence so we got a good look at him.Xander's favourite was the penguins and ducks, he seems fascinated with anything with wings! He particularly took a shine to one duck who started pecking away at his pram!We finished the day with a boat trip through the zoo, which was great (and a good opportunity for pesky duck chasing!). At the end, we bought Emily an Aslan and Xander his very own penguin!

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Stef said...

Hun!!!!! Xander never stops smiling!!!!!!

Hope you are OK??