Monday, 28 February 2011

Happy Birthday Em!

This weekend saw Emily celebrate her 9th birthday (insert 'blimey, where did the time go etc' comments!). Once she'd opened her presents she had a birthday banana milkshake breakfast:
 Then it was off to see her horse Jet with her new horseriding gear: a new hoodie from me and daddy and some super gaitors (those things on her legs, no I had no idea either!) from Nanna:

 After horseriding we went out for lunch with a few of her girlie friends from school: Anna, Miranda, Hollie, Shiwone and Hattie:

 How very grown up, ladies what lunch!

Saturday night she spent with Grandma and Grandad then I picked her up yesterday morning and we did what girls do best, we shopped! Emily had got some vouchers and money so we went and got her some jewellry and a couple of new tops. Then we came home as we had Ally, Steve and Elise coming down for a bit of a birthday get together. This meant cake and of course Em wanted a horse one. Could I find one? Nope! So again my addled brain had to be creative. Grandma made a chocolate brownie cake and I got out the chocolate and marzipan and created a horsey thing for her:

 And the obligatory happy birthday:

So, that's another birthday done. Next year we have our first double-digit birthday to celebrate, eeek! So thank you for all the cards and presents and happy birthday Em!

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