Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Thank You Heather and 'Lalan'!

This is a little message for some relatives we have over in Australia. My dad has spent the last few years researching his family tree and over the past year or so he and my mum have started flying round the world and visiting these long lost relatives. Earlier this year they went over to Australia to meet his cousin Heather, her husband Alan and all their family. My parents had a great time and said our Ozzy cousins were lovely.

So last week a parcel arrives at my parents house with presents in for my kids! How lovely is that? It had cost Heather a small fortune to send it too, and for kids she'd never met, I'm kind of liking her! So here's a message for Heather and Lalan (as Xander calls him!). Thank you so much and hope we get to meet you one of these days!

Oh and just a little extra. I think Heather and Alan feel sorry for us Brits not having our own kangaroos here, so they sent Xander a little kit to grow his own! And blimey is he growing! Here's the (yet to be named) joey on Saturday:

And here he is yesterday:

Don't worry, Joey has now been rehomed to something more accustomed to his ever-growing size!

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Ladkyis said...

If you take him out does he shrink back to tiny again?