Tuesday, 29 March 2011


I've been a very very very bad scrapbooker of late. My poor desk has sat unused and unloved for a good few months now. I got taken over with all things woolly and completed neglected all my lovely paper, glue and ribbon. However, a couple of weeks ago I gave myself a good talking to and forced myself back into the craft room and spent some time with my first love! Here's what I've been doing.

First up, a LO I've had planned since last summer, a good old mi hearties piratey one about Xander's pirate day at school (ahem, last June!):

 Bit of a more tricky one next. I wanted to scrap about discovering Xander had autism. This pic was taken the day after we found out. I decided in the end to keep the autism part on some secret journalling so it is there just for me and him, and the main LO to be about how he's still our special little boy:

 And lastly a chance to use some lovely lettering I picked up the other week, plus I couldn't leave her ladyship out of my crafting now could I?!

Kind of into it now, I think with the evening's being lighter it makes it much more pleasant to go out to the craft room. Now for the 300 half finished projects stacked up in there....


kim said...

I love the pirate layout! I may steal that one to document one of our (many) pirate type adventures we seem to have. What can I say--we love pirates in this house.

Only my desk has also been neglected, and isn't really usable at the moment.

Marie said...

You may have been bad hun, but you've been 1000 times better than me! I haven't so much as sniffed a herma dispenser in about 6 months! Even less likely too now all the craftiness has been banished to the loft! I'll just have to live vicariously through you :)

Love the pirate one :)