Tuesday, 8 February 2011

For The Love Of Stripes!

I am so loving the crochet at the moment, my poor scrapbooking desk has been gathering dust since Christmas! I'm just in a woolly mood these days and have had to put all things paper on a back burner and it's all because of this.

Just love doing this. It had such humble beginnings:
 And after a week or 2 it was starting to take shape:
 And this weekend it had grown into this:
And I still have a third to go. It's so therapeutic though, makes for a very chilled Lou! I'm hoping to finish it for Em's birthday so watch this space for the big reveal!


Juicy3675 said...

oh wow! I'm doing a similar thing only not on quite so large a scale.. mine is a baby blanket.. for Heathers doll!! It's not nearly as neat and tidy as yours though.. I'm not as patient probably.

Yours looks brill. I bet Em will love it. x

Lou said...

Jen - I'm doing a baby one next for a friend of mine, just lurve the granny stitch! We should get together for a crochet sometime - a far day from the days of getting together to get slaughtered! :P

Juicy3675 said...

haha Yes!! except we'll have to do it to a backing track of our old fave tunes.. have to be a little rock n roll still ;) x

hazgizz said...

Love it love it love it