Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sorry Mum!

Quick update as I'm in trouble with my mother! She's over at the otherside of the world and has been checking my blog for updates only to find none! Sorry mum!

Been very busy here. Mainly with Xander (see his blog for full update) but also getting things sorted before Rob goes back in for his second op. It should have been this week but looks like it's been put back which is probably a good thing as he hasn't finished the mile-long list of jobs I gave him to do yet! My Grandad's also been in hospital so have been visiting every other day; thankfully he's fine now and will hopefully be home soon. Plus work's been busy and tiring so not much inclination to switch the pooter on and type at the mo!

Oh and a certain little lady has a birthday coming up which I haven't even begun to organise yet!

Right mum, you can go and enjoy yourself now!

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Juicy3675 said...

I didnt even know he had a blog!! I having a read now. xx