Tuesday, 15 February 2011

That Girl!

One thing I think you can only experience as a parent is how you can be tearing your hair out with someone one minute and then be swelling with pride and love the next.

This Sunday I spent 5 hours clearing out the girl's bedroom. O...M...G..., it's like having a teenage boy. 5 bin bags of rubbish, 3 of recycling and 1 for the charity shop; I seriously don't know how she does it! So you can imagine what joy it filled me with yesterday morning when, after spending my Sunday sorting through Barbie shoes and broken toy parts, said little miss woke up with an attitude. All the way to school we argued, she lost horse riding, late nights and basically everything she possessed with her spree of answering back. 8.50 I drop her at school with a 'Bye Em', 'Yeah, whatever!'. 9am I'm sat in the hall to watch her assembly where I watched the former Miss Attitude get up in front of the school a model pupil and read out her literacy work for the head teacher's award. Bless her, she is so fab! So much pride and love for how hard my little girl has been working:

Hang on a minute, wasn't she the devil spawn just half an hour ago? Ah well, I'll forgive her!

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hazgizz said...

Well done Em on driving your mum mad lol and being so brill in assebly