Sunday, 13 February 2011

As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs!

I just love the story I was greeted with when I got up this morning. Apart from having a wonderful lie-in until 9am (I have no idea what year that last happened in), it was just the best way to start the day.

Rob got up with Xan and noticed he'd gone in the kitchen, shut the door and had been in there a while. Rob went in and Xan was stood on his stool and had opened a box of eggs on the worktop and was bent over with his face an inch or 2 from the eggs. "What are you doing Xander?" Rob asked. "I'm talking to the eggs, they need cheering up coz they're cold and lonely." Xan replies. So Rob backs out of the kitchen, closes the door and leaves him to it!

LMAO, I just love that boy!


purply bunny said...

awwww bless!!

be careful not to cook his new friends! *giggle*

kim said...

I love it! Such a sweet boy.