Wednesday, 14 January 2009

So-Long T-Bag!

This post goes out to my sister, who is today nursing a broken heart:

(phew, at least she still managed her usual lunch!)...after the announcement that they're cancelling this show:
Yup, Tuesday evenings watching sweaty bad boys running around with guns are soon to be over. Now I must admit, after 4 series there's only so many times they can break out of (and indeed into) prison, the plots do tend to wear a little thin after that. However it's one of my favourite shows and it will be sadly missed.

I'm particularly going to miss my favourite character Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell, who used to give me the creeps but who I now find hilarious (especially his yellow rubber prosthetic arm!). He is the one liner king!:
In fact, I love T-Bag that much, that I have decided he can now feature in my fantasy tv show, alongside Will & Grace's Karen Walker:
Friends' Janice (also one of Em's favourites ever!):
And ER's Dr Romano (oooh, another fake arm, me's seeing a theme here for my show!): I will make it one day, oh yes I will. As soon as I discover that distant multi-millionaire relative who's going to back the production!

So, please bow your heads and say a fond farewell to T-Bag, Michael, Linc and Sucre; you have served us well!


kim & co. said...

Oh, sad! I hadn't heard. Now I'm off to check that it is coming back on for the spring to tie up loose ends before its over. cause I hate it when shows just end in the middle of something, and the boys aren't quite done with what they started.

Lou said...

Yes Kim, they're finishing this series then stopping after that. I'm just hoping that T-Bag doesn't come to a sticky end!

Anonymous said...

RIP, I am wearing black, the curtains are closed and my candles are lit. Will send you a pic of my sadness

Sad Gem

Juicy3675 said...

what the hell is going on? Friends is gone, Sex and the City is resorting to movies now, Gilmore Girls is over, Prison Break.. More 4 are running the final series of ER..

just what exaclty are the American's watching these days and when are we getting it??? I'm on the edge!! If they don't start providing replacement programmes I may have to start conversing with my husband of an evening and the last time that happened I ended up pregnant with twins.

Somebody help me please!!

Lou said...

Good god Jen, step away from the conversation with Rich! It can't be that bad surely, there has to be hope!

And as much as we love Angelina, I don't think the world could cope with 2 of her! x

Gem - Your sadness pic will be added to this post forthwith!

Anonymous said...

my sadness is evident ... it has even driven me to drink (a little more than usual!)

Juicy3675 said...

I LOVE that pic of Gemma... its a classic!!! pmsl!!

Lou said...

Ah yes, there's never been a picture that sums her up so perfectly! :P

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