Sunday, 11 January 2009

Published By Emily!

It's amazing sometimes what my daughter comes up with; I can sometimes see the cogs turning I swear!

On the way home from a visit to see Auntie Laura and Evie this afternoon, Emily announces that she would like to publish a book when she gets home. She'd like to make Xander a 'That's Not My...' book (if you're not familiar with these, you can see some here). So, we were on the motorway anyway and Hobbycraft's only a couple of junctions further along...any excuse eh?!

So, she buys (for that read mummy buys) a big pack of card and some Mickey Mouse stickers (she's now decided to do a That's Not My Clubhouse book after dilly dallying around with pirates for a while!).

Straight after tea off she pops upstairs; giving me instructions to follow closely behind with my hole punch. She gets her little production line set up on her bedroom floor and starts working away on her masterpiece.

Within the hour, Emily had written, illustrated and published her very own book! Which she then read to Xander whist he had a bath; he loved it! And then before bed, she published the second book of her career entitled 'The Mum Who Rocked'. Featuring yours truely and co-starring Slash as guitarist in my band/future husband and our adorable children!

Ha! J.K. Rowling's got nothing on my daughter!


Rach said...

Awww bless her! What a star! Yay Emily!

Marie said...

Bless! She's such a clever little cookie that one. Egg will be wanting a copy of that for sure :)


Lou said...

Marie - don't say that - SHE WILL MAKE HIM ONE, I guarantee! ;)

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