Monday, 26 January 2009

Achoo achoo train!

Haha, even when I'm ill I can still come up with rubbish jokes!

Today was supposed to be a day of play dates but I had to cancel them as I came down with a horrible head cold last night. I think it was all the excitement of shopping for my dress for Gemma's wedding yesterday (and the shock of actually finding something that I love!) that did it.
Anyway, that meant me and Xander had an 'at home' day today, which gave us the perfect opportunity to dig this out:

This was Emily's when she was Xander's age and we all loved it. Rob dug it out of the loft at the weekend now that Xander's at the age where he just wouldn't eat it and Billy Jim absolutely LOVED it! As you can see, he recruited Cindy in the role of the Fat Controller (oh how un-PC, she's just fur-ically challenged!) and he's not moved all day. I'm just wondering now how we can surgically remove him in time for bed.

Right, I now need to take my poorly head and have a nice steam filled bath and an early night. I wonder what Rob will do with us all out of the way? Hmmm.....


Juicy3675 said...

If he's anything like Richard he'll get more fun out of the train set than the kids ever will!!!
Jake had the same set when he was little and Rich spent a small fortune on bits and pieces to add to it "for Jake" of course ;), he buys a lot of things 'for Jake'... yesterday he bought a Star Wars game for the wii aged 12+ - its 'for Jake' in 5 years!! Men... what are they like?
Hope you're feeling better soon mate. xx

Rach said...

Waving from one sick snotty person to another!

Can you believe it that I passed out at the sight of Sawyer's naked torso! I only watched about half of Lost last night before I was snoring away on the sofa, much to Scott's amusement - thank god for Sky+ and the fact that S didn't delete it!

Hope you're feeling better soon, and happy trains to Rob!