Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Remember My Name...FAME!!

You just know that theme tune's going to be going round your head all day now don't you?!

Before Christmas, I'd been having a conversation with Marie about various crafty projects, and she told me about some wrist warmers she was wanting to knit. Oooh lovely, says I, but what I could really do with is someone to come up with some ankle warmers. My permanently cold feet seem to have spread to my ankles lately and the old ankle does tend to get a tad drafty.

So anyways, off I went hoping one day someone would hear my prayers. Then, I was in my mecca, Primarni, on Monday evening (purchasing trousers for school which actually fit me after my mincepie-a-thon!) stood in the queue for the till. I turn round and lo and behold what are displayed behind me...


Not socks, not leg warmers, but bona fide genuine ankle warmers! It even said so on the packaging and they have a little strap to keep them on your ankles:

So, having found my dream and at the bargain price of £1.50 how many pairs do you think I snapped up?

ONE! Well, there's a recession you know and I had just bought 2 pairs of trousers at £6 a piece: I ain't made of money! OK, so I am now regretting not being a bit more extravagant and treating myself to the bright pink ones too; but the week is still young and there is bound to be another fashion emergency that only Primarni can resolve before the week is through!

In another news, I've also done the first scrapbooking layout of the year. Of course it had to be Whoops-A-Daisy Angel! I used a Anna Bowkis layout that I'd seen in a scrapbooking magazine for inspiration and it turned out OK:

It also gave me a chance to have a go at these pleated flowers I'd seen in Scrapbooking Magazine a couple of months ago. I like how they look but have no idea how I'm going to store them in my album!

Speaking of Whoops-A-Daisy, she's now Whoopth-A-Daithy as we have tooth number 3 missing (she does sound very cute with her lisp!).

There's another 3 that are very wobbly so she could look a bit like a boxer soon, but all she cares about is the cold hard cash she's going to be making out of the tooth fairy. Rob did try to head this off at the pass by saying that with the credit crunch, the tooth fairy had gone into liquidation; but she was having none of it!


Marie said...

I have no comment about the 80s hideousness :P

Totally loving the layout though. The title is great and I just adore that photo of Emily. Captures her completely.

Still PMSL @ the tooth fairy liquidation too. I don't suppose it'll be long before we're going all toothless round here too.


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