Saturday, 24 January 2009

Once Upon A Time, There Were Some Book Worms...

I love reading. I get so excited about books these days and need to have some reading time every day or I get cranky! To say I barely read anything a few years ago, I've really surprised myself how into it I've become over the last few years. Last year I rattled my way through 23 novels and this year am already on my third.

I started January with a book by my favourite author of the moment: Jojo Moyes. I fell in love with her writing style after I read The Ship of Brides and promptly bought both my mum and mother-in-law copies and demanded they read it! I then ordered a couple more of her books from the internet and so on January 1st started The Peacock Emporium, which I loved:

Next up I read this book, which is a debut novel by a woman called Catherine O'Flynn. Can't remember where I had it recommended from, but it's a really good book and was up for the Booker Prize.
At the moment I'm reading The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, which is about a girl growing up in Nazi Germany (hey, I ain't a typical chick lit kind of girl!); but what I love about it is it's narrated by Death! I always found that amusing about Terry Pratchett novels so this one really appealed to me.
I really love that both my kids are into reading too. Emily's flying at the moment and, aswell as the statutory school books, has always got her head stuck in some kind of novel.
Little Billy Jim is always chucking books at my head (that's his way of saying 'read it to me Mummy!'). Had a particularly nostalgic morning with him this week. For Christmas, I asked Nanna to start off his Mr Men book collection. He also got some money for Christmas so I added to the books Nanna had bought him and he now owns the first 17 books in the set:
(Oh and doesn't Little Miss Organised here just love lining them up in order!)
OK, so it may look like he has 17 books from the 'My M Lib' collection, but there are about another 30 books to go! The thing about him having the first 30 is that they're all the older Mr Men books; the one's I used to have as a kid. It was so weird reading the stories, with the exact same illustrations from 30 years ago (I used to love that swirly pattern on their shoes!).
Anyway, Xander loves the "Mi Men" and we are constantly reading them:
And you'll never guess which is his favourite....
Hmmm, can't think why!

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