Monday, 12 January 2009

Calling All Crafters...The Challenges Are Back!

So, it's been a while since we've had a challenge on the Garlics. So what better way to start a new year than with a nice new shiny scrapping challenge!

However, it's scrapping with a difference. My project this last week came from Scrapbooking magazine and was invented by Gerry van der Valden; it's an envelope bag. It's basically a good way to scrap an invent that you have a fair few photos from, so I thought it would be perfect for this Christmas's pictures (and yes, I still haven't finished 2007's album!). It's great also for holidays, birthdays etc. It's fairly easy to do and can be done easily in an afternoon.

This is what the finished product looks like:

Instead of using regular cardstock you use blank cards and envelopes. So, who fancies a go? Gerry does have some instructions on her website but they're for a slightly different bag so I'll give you instructions here on this one.
You will need:
5 6x4" cards and envelopes
2 sheets of patterened paper
some thick card or chipboard
1 - First of all, make a front and back cover from the thick card/chipboard. Gerry has a template here, you may need to scale it slightly and then just cut off the bottom (our version doesn't have this). I just made my own template by drawing a rectangle 17cm wide, 14cm deep, then adding a curve on top. You then just need to cut out a handle that's no less than 11cm from the bottom.
2 - Sand the edges then colour them with paint or ink. Cover the inside of the cardboard bag pieces with patterned paper, cut off any excess. Then repeat for the outside and embellish as desired.
3 - Cut the flaps off all the envelopes, and stick then together. Glue or tape 1cm in from the edges to create the 'concertina' effect.

4 - Adhere the stacked envelopes to the inside of the two covers.

5 - Create a page to go inside each envelope and add a tab to the top of each. You can use larger pages and fold (I used the blank cards that came with the envelopes).

6 - Embellish pages as desired and place inside envelopes.
Voila! Beautiful scrapping project! Happy scrapping!


Marie said...

Love, love, love it!! Very cool missus. I shall be making a start on mine at some point this week.


technology said...
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