Monday, 18 February 2008

Wedding Memories!

We've had a lovely weekend. My sis-in-law Zo has been to stay with us so we've had lots of fun: namely me and Zo drinking wine and watching old Guns N Roses videos!

Yesterday was a really nice (but cold) day so we decided to go for a walk. We went up to Oakwell Hall where Rob and I got married; believe it or not, we'd not been in since (nearly 9 years ago now) so we thought it would be fun for Emily to see where mummy and daddy got spliced! What was really nice was having photos with the kids where our wedding pics were shot:
And Emily thought the hall where we got married was lovely:
She had a great time with Auntie Zoe, looking at 400 year old combs and wine corks:
And Xander loved the gardens outside and spent most of his time running round them:
Unfortunately Rob's not very well so he's had a few early nights and so hasn't been able to enjoy it as much. But all in all been a lovely weekend.


Marie said...

Great pics Lou. Very cool having the shots with the kids in the place you got married :)

~~~GET WELL VIBES~~~~ to Bobbins!

love xMx

Jaime said...

but where are your wedding photos so that we can compare then & now??? :) :)

Jaime - J&L