Sunday, 10 February 2008

Night Out With My 'Andbag!

So, last night, I atually went on a night out! It was my old mukka Ally 'Andbag (don't ask, she's married to Stevie Sandwich!)'s birthday last week so we decided we needed a good old girlie. So, off I trotted to Ripon, to join the birthday girl with some light refreshments!

We started off with a trip to the Italian for a lovely pizza and a nice chilled bottle of white, then we sampled a couple of Ripon's finest licensed establishments, before we rolled up at Ally's to find Steve waiting up for us (bless him!).

I then got to sleep in with Ally (and Simba the dog) while Steve got his sleeping bag and slept on Elise's floor (again, bless him!). Apart from Steve's alarm clock going off 4 times at stupid o'clock, I had a lovely sleep and was woken by Elise armed with Rapunzel and Pooh Bear books that simply had to be read! We had a lazy morning, looking at Ally's wedding album (Vegas baby, one very young skinny Lou taking up the bridesmaid position) before I headed on back down the A1 to see if Rob had survived a night of the terrible twosome!

Today we've been for a lovely walk round the local reservoir, before a lovely Sunday lunch and a bit of Dancing On Ice. Finally, the kids are now in bed and I'm just killing time before Lost comes on.

So, that was my weekend. Thanks Al for a fab night and I even did the whole post without mentioning that you threw up 3 times when we got home! (oops!!)

Oooh, and for Marie and Rach, here's proof that I've actually done some scrapbooking this year!!


Rach said...

Love the LO Lou, and it sounds like you had a fab night out :D xx

Marie said...

Gorgeous LO Lou :) See, told you it was your turn for the mojo :)

Glad you had a good girlie. Must have ourselves one of those, sooner rather than later! love M