Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Happy Birthday Emily!!!

Can you believe it? Emily is a whole 6 years old today!!

We had quite a hectic weekend for her birthday so today is just going to be quiet. Rob, Xander and I were all sat there waiting for her this morning; we thought she'd be battering down the door at 5am but she eventually rolled in at a very respectable 6.45. She'd opened quite a few presents over the weekend as she saw people so there were just a handful this morning. We bought her a guitar so she can practise at being Hannah Montana (Rob's going to teach her how to play) and Xander bought her the Sharpay doll that she's been nagging for forever!
I'm taking her shopping after school as she has a Disney Store voucher and a nice crisp tenner so no doubt by teatime we'll have the other half of the Disney Store that she hasn't already got! Then the 4 of us are having a birthday tea (fajitas and a chocolate Hannah Montana cake!)

Happy Birthday Emily!!!!!


Marie said...


Hope you have a good day sweetie.

RachelC said...

Happy Birthday Emily! Hope your day was wonderful!

kim & co. said...

Happy birthday! Have fun with the guitar--I think every six year old girl needs a guitar :)