Friday, 15 February 2008

By 'Eck, It's The 'Eks!!

We've had a visit today from my good pal Mariek and her little munchkins Gracie and Ewan. It was really lovely to see them, especially as Xander and Ewan haven't seen each other since September so obviously they had lots of catching up to do!

The girls were, shall we say, a touch temperamental! Cue lots of arguing, tears, fall outs over who sat on the yellow cushion as opposed to the yellow cushion; but hey, girls will be monst... er I mean girls!!! They did manage to be friends for long enough to have their picture taken...
and Marie managed to keep them calm for a whole 2 minutes without the use of a sedative or cattle prod...Marie was definately mummy of the day as far as the kids were concerned: as you can see, both boys were very taken with her mooing and quacking through Spot Goes To The Farm!All in all it was a lovely day and so good to see the 'Eks! Apparently Gracie cried all the way home because she missed Emily and I keep finding the balls from the ball pool in the dishwasher; goodness knows where else they'll keep turning up!! Thanks boys!!

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Marie said...

Posting horrid photos of me on your blog is just cruel missus! Good job there's cute kiddies there to distract from my ugly mug :P

It was fab seeing you all hun - we need to do it again sooner rather than later! xMx