Thursday, 7 February 2008

Shining Stars, Moos & Quacks!

That girl of mine I tell you, she's flying at the moment. Not only has she won the golden balloon twice at school since December; but now she's gone and won Pupil Of The Week! We're so proud of her, she's just coming on leaps and bounds at the moment! She had to walk to school this morning with her coat unzipped so everyone could see her POTW badge!

As for number 2, well, as you know he is a man of very little words (well, one to be precise: "Hiya!") but yesterday he learnt to say Moo and Quack! As exciting and amusing as this was, the worry now is that 66% of my son's vocabulary consists of animal sounds and it could prove to be a problem once we hit school age!! Again though, very proud of him at the moment, he's suddenly developing so well. The other day I took him for a walk (ie, Xander walking not being pushed in the pushchair). I intended to go just down the street but no, Billy Jim was having none of that! Half an hour later I had to drag him back up the road after going round all the houses and out to the motorway bridge to wave at the cars!

The other news this week is that I've passed my first course that ended a couple of weeks ago. I need the official confirmation sent through yet but think I got about 71%, which I'm more than happy with! Been doing a lot of studying this week, the degree is much harder and is taking a lot of brain power, which ain't in large supply these days!

The other shocker is that I've actually done some scrapbooking! Finished 3 LOs for my Xmas album yesterday and nearly finished a 4th that I started back in November! They're not brilliant (Rach, you really need to stop hogging that mojo!) but I think if I'm going to fit scrapping in these days it's going to have to be of the 'quick and simple' nature!

Right, must fly. Xander has a hot date with Poppy in the park this afternoon!


Marie said...

Go Emily!! :) and Go Lou!! Like mother like daughter it seems ;)

Bless Xander with his Moo and Quack. I can't wait for Billy Jim and Egg to get together, that should make for some quality entertainment I think.

love M

Rach said...

Clever clogs Emily and Lou :D

LMAO at Xander, I'm sure you enjoyed watching the cars on the motorway - sounds like a lovely afternoon!

Loving the moo and quacks. Cam quacks too :D

I've not got any mojo at the moment - Marie told me you were hogging it!

Love Me xx