Thursday, 15 July 2010

Wooly Stuff For Special Girls!

We've not had a knitting post for a while. It's not that I've not been knitting, it's just what I've been doing couldn't be posted until recipients had recieved!

Yesterday was my friend Lauren's little girl Abi's 2nd birthday. I miss them all so much since they moved back to South Africa and was sad I wouldn't get to see Abi on the day, so decided to make her something special instead.

I just fell in love with this Alan Dart tea set pattern when I saw it:

How unbelievably cute is that?! I especially loves the jam tarts! Anyway, Abi very cleverly text me yesterday to say the tea set had reached SA and she'd had fun playing with it.

Then the other day I treated myself to a knitting magazine as I spied free wool on the cover. Coincidentally, it also had on a pattern for a hat to make with the wool, right on the day I'd been thinking 'I should knit the kids hats this winter'. An omen me thinks.

I've loved doing this and it's incorporated so many firsts for me: 1st time I've knitted a hat, 1st time doing a lacy pattern and 1st time I've actually conquered my crafting nemesis, crochet! Em's really pleased with it too:

Next: graduating bunnies! Yup, you heard me right!


Ladkyis said...

The only thing I am reluctant to do is spray the things with hairspray if they are to be given to little kids. Just incase they put the things in their mouth. The nursery rhyme mice are something I have my eye on for the autumn. My hands get too hot to knit in the warm weather

kim said...

That tea set is one of the cutest things I've seen in a long time! I wish I knew how to knit. Guess I should find someone to teach me. . .

Uma said...

love the tea set, you are so clever. cute hat for a cute model :)