Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Flump Cloud

So, this morning I decided I needed to tackle the ironing pile. If I put it off any longer I was in danger of Ranulph Fiennes trying to scale it!

Aha, but how to entertain the munchkin whilst I decrumpled the Gillard family? So, I took Xander over to the dvd cupboard:
'How about Jurassic Park Xan? Look big dinosaurs'
'Nope' replied his highness 'I seen it'.
'OK, what about Charlie & the Chocolate factory?'
'Nope, seen it!'
'OK, which then?'
'This one' he's pointing to Fight Club...
'Er, maybe not.'
'OK, this one'
'The Flumps?'
'Yes, I like that one' (note, child has never heard of a Flump, never mind seen the dvd).

Now, any self respecting child of the Seventies can not deny their child the right to a good old Flump episode. I loved the Flumps and used to sit every lunchtime with my Heinz tomato soup (with cut up bits of bread in) and watch it:

LOL, love that theme tune, an all time classic!

And low and behold, what episode does he pick? Only my favourite ever:

The Cloud! That was the one I always remember and often comment that I feel like Perkin with a great big cloud following him round all day!

Tomorrow? I'm between Trumpton, Chorlton & the Wheelies and Jamie & the Magic Torch.

OK, off to grow up now!


Juicy3675 said...

I LOVED the flumps..but my favourite was Chorlton, I was most impressed as he had a wheelie called Jenny - which of course Simon

I remember my Dad calling my Mum "fenella" haha.. awww happy days. x

Marie said...

Just genius!! Can I watch that next time I come round to yours??? Pllleeeeaaaaasssseeee! I love the flumps.

You've gotta go for Jamie and the Magic torch that theme song is going to be lodged in my head all day :)