Monday, 12 July 2010

Strawberry Fields Forever

I sometimes think about changing the name of this place to Procrastination House. We're rubbish the lot of us!
We've lived here nearly 8 years now, and every June we drive past the farm up the road and see the sign saying 'Strawberries Ready Late June'. 'Oooh,' we say, 'we should go and do that'. Late June comes and the sign changes to 'Strawberries Ready'. 'Must remember to go and do that' says we...and the week after...and the week after...It then gets to late July and the sign changes to 'Strawberry Picking Now Closed'. 'Awwww,' says we, 'we should have done that'!
However, yesterday something changed, there must have been something in the air or the water but we actually got in the car and drove the whole 2 miles up there! As we got out of the car the smell was amazing! We got our basket and spent a happy 15 minutes hunting out the biggest juciest ones we could find:
Emily got right in there, making sure no berry went unpicked:
Xander was a little unsure at actually pulling the strawberries, but he hunted them out well and so Mummy picked them and gave them to him to put in the basket:
Soon we had a healthy harvest:

Rob was mildly panicked by how many we'd managed to pick in the whole 15 minutes we'd been there, 'I've only got £20 on me'. However, got them weighed and it was a whole £6.98, bargain! Bet you couldn't get 2kg of strawberries in Tesco for that!

So, home they went, got them washed and after tea we had them with ice cream; well except Xander who licked one and swore they were yucky! We've had strawberries for breakfast and Em's begged for them as an after school snack, plus we'll have to have them after tea. And, they are DELICIOUS!

So, got the kids outside for some fresh air, got cheap food, got 3 out of 4 of us to eat healthy treats and found something that is within a 3-year-old's 15 minute attention span!

Why did we put it off so long again?


Uma said...

sounds yummy, well done Xander and Emily

Anonymous said...

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