Friday, 23 July 2010

Why Are Pirates Called Pirates?

Because they AAAAAARRRRRR!!!!! ~ Joke courtesy of Annabel Davidson 2006 (Age 2)

LOL, love that joke!

Today is last day of term and, gulp, the school year. Deep breath mothers, we can get through this together! Anyway, for the last day, Xander's class were having a pirate party and so they were asked to dress up as pirates. 'Don't go and buy anything especially' they say. Er, yes, because little boys just have skull headscraves and cutlasses in their wardrobe. So, me and Xan went shopping the other day; couldn't believe how hard it was to find a pirate costume! Doesn't every boy want to be a pirate? Anyhoo, finally we found one and so a very excited Xander got all dressed up before school today:

So so so so so cute!

And, this is what I'm loving about Xander now, he has little pirate friends. First of all Pirate Sean turned up:

Pirate Sean is coming for lunch and to play next week, as if you've had a conversation with Xander lately you will know as it's ALL he talks about!

And then, in comes me old hearty Pirate Izaak:

Not sure if Izaak's mum knows what has happened at the school childcare but I zaak seems to be sporting a hook instead of a hand. Izaak and Xander are going to see Toy Story 3 together in the holidays. Bless, my little pirate boy is getting all grown up! ***SNIFF****
Right, now have to fly and pick up me old hearty after ye sugar and ye E numbers. Who'll be the first to walk ye plank?!

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Uma said...

so cute, what fab outfits!