Monday, 26 July 2010

A Really Useful Day Out!

Xander and I have had a lovely day today: we've been to see the one and only Thomas!

I didn't actually tell Xander who he was going to see, just that he had to meet someone very special. Bless him, even when we got there and sat in the cafe with the Thomas tablecloths and flags and posters he didn't click. Then we went outside to find this guy all ready to open up the railway:

Suddenly the penny began dropping. Then I told him to look down the track towards the sheds: Yup, penny well and truely dropped now!

We got to have a ride on Thomas to the next station, which was so exciting, especially when he 'peep-peep'd'!

Once we got back, Xander got to give Thomas a drink of water and got given a certificate by the Fat Controller to say he'd been a helpful engineer today!

He also had a look in the cab to see how Thomas worked:

Just then, we met up with Xander's friend Kyran, who was riding on the train that afternoon:

After lunch it started to rain, so we went inside and got Xander's face painted. He's never had his face painted before so I did have to assist by holding his head in a vice-like grip, but it turned out fab:

However, face paint doesn't mix very well with rain (especially when you've been riding round trains in downpours) and a very Thomas'd out boy rubbing tired eyes:

But, despite the rain we had an excellent day and would recommend it to anyone who has a little Thomas fan in the house!


Uma said...

sounds like a great day, not many days that you get to meet your hero :)

Marie said...

Oh my goodness! He looks so big! *sniff*. Glad you had a good, and really useful day hun.