Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Renovation, That's What You Need

This is in my 'Been Meaning To Do For Ages' pile, but I've finally got it done.

My paternal Grandad died when I was 3, and while he was ill he made me this:
Over the years it's become a bit battered and bruised and covered in paint as it seemed to double as my parent's step ladder when they were decorating! But, I always wanted to do something with it as it was special to me. So, the other day, I set about cleaning it up, with the intention of varnishing the wood, painting the wicker seat a nice pale colour, and making a cushion to match this for Xander's bedroom. However, there are 2 layers of wicker, and inbetween has seen better days and had 30 years of dust inside, which wasn't going to come out but also wouldn't have worked very well with paint! So, plan B! I sanded down the wood, varnished it, then made a quilted seat cushion that covered all the wicker...Ta-da!!!
Xander was very pleased with his new seat and didn't budge from it all morning!


Marie said...

Great job on the renovation hun. How cool that Xander gets to use the chair now.


kim & co. said...

That is such a lovely memory to have around--well done restoring it so Xander can use it!

Juicy3675 said...

Oh my goodness!! I remember that chair!!

Aw thats sweet that you still have it and you managed to make some new memories with it too. xx