Friday, 16 May 2008


So, with today's financial climate, things are looking pretty grim for our generation's retirement prospects. So, what to do? Well, make sure your kids earn stacks of cash and look after you in your old age of course!

Emily's firmly on the road to becoming a pop star, with her Hannah Montana obsession and daily concerts for her Barbies in her bedroom. But, what to do with the boy? Hmmm! Well, I was hoping rocket scientist but that one's a bit hard to judge as he can only say 'fish' and 'woof woof' at the moment (oooh, but maybe a vet?!). So, the other route we're going down is Premiership football player! So, for a month now he's been going to Socatots which is basically a football club for toddlers. I think he's got it down quite well actually, he can throw himself on the floor and cry like a big girl anyway, isn't that what £50,000-a-week footie players do?!

Anyway, today he got his soccer kit. It was so cute seeing them all run around in matching kits, looked like a proper little footie team! I especially love the socks with the little podgy knees sticking out at the top!

I've had a very crafty week this week but can't post any of it! I firstly got the scraplift done and will be passing that to Lauren today (Kim's moving house at the moment so has gone to the end of the list). I've also been making my crafting mentor Marie a birthday present; it's something I've never tried before and it looks cool, but I can't post that until she's seen it! Also been making birthday cards galore but again, they're not all given out yet so no posting! I'll do a long crafty post one of these days!!

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Marie said...

Bless Billy Jim in his footie uniform! Too cute.

I'm gutted there isn't a socatots near us..... I'll have to think of some other high paying profession to shove Egg into. I think Mum's got designs on him being a tennis pro (so she can get free Wimbledon tickets!)