Sunday, 18 May 2008

Shiny Shoes!

One thing that's always plagued me, the size of my blooming feet! They resemble something like this......OK, so maybe not quite as hairy, but huge none-the-less! No idea where they came from, at 5' 4" you don't expect to have size 8 wide fitting feet, but I'm stuck with them none the less. Anyway, buying nice shoes when you've feet like a hobbit feet ain't easy; no Jimmy Choos for me! Emily and I were out shopping yesterday when she spied these bad boys......and begged mummy to buy them. After explaining that mummy doesn't get to buy dainty shoes I gave in and tried them on and voila... they only went and fit! Not only that they were actually quite comfy! I practically ran to the checkout, incase they shrunk or something, and handed over 12 whole English pounds (not only fit but a bargain too!). So, after coming home and staring in awe at the shininess, I decided to wear them out!

Last night, instead of staying in doing a jigsaw and having a sneaky glass of lovliness, I went out for a glass of lovliness! Yes, that's right, I actually went for a night out! As it's my birthday this week, and my friend Susan had her birthday on Friday, we decided to have a girlie meal out with some mutual friends. We had a fantastic time: lots of laughing, beautiful food, a few glasses of vino and to top it all off, the waiter brought us over a free bottle of champagne!
I was going to lie and say I'd been really healthy and ordered fruit salad for dessert, but I was caught shovelling creme brulee into my mush, so thought I'd better come clean!
Anyway, thanks to Susan, Lauren, Jill, Sam, Bridgette and Kirsty for a great evening!!

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