Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas Retrospective Part 1!

So thought I should probably actually blog our Christmas now the tree's down and we're all on our way back to work/school! Today is Christmas Eve!

Me and Em went out for a nice Christmassy walk just before the sun went down:

 Ain't it beautiful? We had a look out over the city to see if there was any sign of Santa yet:

 And went to say a happy Christmas to the horses in the field:
 Then back home to trach Santa on Norad:
 The kids then got out the reindeer food that Xander made:
 And sprinkled it outside for Rudolph & co:
 They then got a phonecall from the big guy himself so he could letb them know he was on his way! Once the kids had their new Xmas jammies on it was time for the traditional Christmas Eve story. However this year we had a new narrator:
 She did a great job and has rendered Mummy well and truely redundant! Then more food for Rudolph plus a nice spot of brandy and a mince pie for Santa:
 Then off to bed for the impossible task of trying to actually sleep when you know Santa's on his way. They must have got to sleep eventually because look what happened in the night and not one of us heard!
Awww, I love Christmas Eve, it's so exciting! Tomorrow we'll look at the carnage that is present opening on Christmas morning!

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