Friday, 7 January 2011

The Big Day!

So, Christms Day morning we woke up to find these:

 Well, I'm not sure about this. You would have thought with all that magic Santa could have a spell or something to clean up after himself!

Emily woke up at 2am...

...yes I said 2am!

Emily was told that 'I couldn't care less if it was Christmas Day, GO BACK TO BED!'. I caved at 5am and let her open 1 present that I knew was a dvd she could watch in her room. Eventually once that had finished we let her open her presents. Emily does have THE best present opening face ever, I love it!

 Yup, we got her a mobile phone. Not something we'd planned to do at this age, but with her playing out in the lighter months I'd feel a lot calmer knowing she could get in touch in an emergency. Plus it has a camera and MP3 on it so plenty to distract her from racking up a phone bill! Of course there were many equestrian related presents that she was delighted with:

 Now as for the other one, you'd think at 4 years old he'd be bouncing off the walls from the wee nope, 8am still snoring his noggin off! We decided to wake him but we were told that no Santa had not been and he didn't want his presents. After 4 weeks of  'Can I open my presents yet?' he now didn't want to know!

We managed to get him downstairs at least:

 Eventually, after Em had opened just about all her presents, Xander agreed to have a look at his:

 And I think we found the turning point in his mood with this one:

They got some fab stuff, my kids are so lucky. We had a few hours before our guests turned up for Christmas Dinner so we had plenty of time to play!

The rest of the day was lovely, we had a lovely dinner and it was so nice to spend the day with family.

Oh and we all love Buzz!

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purply bunny said...

did santa leave snowy footprints near the tree? he had done that in our home one year! left a proper mess he did!