Saturday, 15 January 2011

60 Mummy and Loo Roll Mummies

I'm rubbish, 3 weeks past Christmas and I still haven't finished blogging it! Here's the final Christmas post before I begin blogging 2011 in June!

Boxing Day is mum's birthday but this year was a big one, she was fifty-ten! Typical ain't it, you finally get your bus pass on  a day when the buses aren't running! She had a party at her house so I went over early and got her started on the party mood with a bit of the bubbly stuff!

We had a fairly quiet week that week but on the 29th we went over to Auntie Nadine's. We had some lovely food and cocktails courtesy of my baby cousin Hettie (note, she isn't a baby anymore, she is 22 so is allowed the odd cocktail!). I've trained her well!

The highlight though was the games. Auntie Nadine is a Brown Owl and so had a few games up her Brownie sleeve. Watch out for this at future Gillard soirees, Loo Roll Mummies!

Right that's it, 2010 done! On to 2011 posts...eventually!

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