Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Counting Your Blessings - Part 2

Today we are thanking whoever it was that invented the good old scanner. Without which I would not have had hours of fun the other night looking through 20-year-old photos, then scanning them and uploading to Facebook!

I don't care whatever anyone says, I loved how I looked back as a teenager and I'm thankful I had the stubborness to pursue it no matter what anyone said! I showed Emily these pics and she said 'Wow Mum, you looked cool. Can I dress like that when I'm 16?'. That's all the approval I need!
So today's blessing counting is for the ability to stick to your guns and the technology to relive it 20 years on!


Uma said...

look at you, thin lady. Fab shiny trousers!

Marie said...

Blimey woman! Did you spray those pants on???

Glad you had fun reliving the glam days :) Is that Ally 'Andbang with you in the second one?


Lou said...

Spraying them on would have been much easier!

No, it's a girl called Helen that I used to hang round with, don't know what ever happened to her.