Friday, 18 June 2010

Steward's Enquiry!

Well, you've got to love a tryer in life, and my son certainly tried at his first ever school sports day!

I was very excited to see this. I remember Emily's first sports day when she was in nursery, she looked so cute doing all the little events. Out trots Xander at the front of the line, holding Mrs Ainley's hand (at first I thought it was a priveledge, but as the afternoon progressed I realised it was more Mrs Ainley keeping an eye on him!). And pretty soon it was Xander's first race, a nice simple running race.

So, my son, apparently doesn't need to wait for whistles:

Ahem, well he won...

Next up was a jumping keep that word 'JUMPING' in mind. Remember, we're JUMPING...

OK, by this point I'm very grateful it's a sunny day as I have a big hat and big sunglasses disguising me!

Next up, the 'balance a bean bag on your head' race. What could possibly go wrong with balancing a simple bean bag on one's head. All they had to do was remember to keep their hands by their guessed it:

So, imagine the cringing that went on inside me when they announced that next up was the egg & spoon race; that notorious cheat's paradise. You can sneakily balance it with your thumb, slyly stick a bit of chewing gum under it when no-one's looking...or quite simply just hold the spoon in one hand and the egg in the other:

So at my son's first ever sports day he won most of his races...but I now can't show my face in the playground ever again! May have to start calling him Zola not Xander!


Rach said...


But so cute!

Anonymous said...

It was funny though!!! Grandma xx

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