Monday, 28 June 2010

Counting Your Blessings - Part 1

You know, we live in a crap world at the moment. The whole economy's gone down the pan and we're all going to be on bread and water soon, there's oil gushing out into the sea and they don't seem to be able to stop it, we've still got soldiers dying over in Afghanistan, and for god's sake we have bloody Jordan!

However, this week the Garlics is going to cheer everyone up by looking at the good things in life. No matter how bad things get we all have positives, things that make life worth living, so this week we're going to blooming well celebrate them!

Now, I wasn't exactly on the ball when they were dishing things out 36 years ago. Back of the queue for finances, slept in for health and got the complete wrong day for flat stomachs! However, I think I must have been bright and breezy and up at the crack of dawn when they dished out friends.

Obviously, the most important thing in anyone's life is family, nothing beats that. But family is the sort of unconditional love where you get stuck with each other warts and all. Friends takes a lot of work. So why do we bother? Well, to me, friends is what makes me work, they are my sanctuary, my salvation, what ultimately makes me me. When the kids are driving me up the wall, I NEED to get on the email to Marie and scream, my sanity depends on it! And when I'm feeling old I need to go to Ally Andbag's, have a glass of wine and dance around her living room to some good old 80s Lita Ford, remembering my youth! Friends make you function as a human being.

I'm so fortunate with my friends, I have quite a few. I've met them in various situations: through my kids, from years ago when I went out clubbing, from being fat! Something can just click in any situation and they get stuck with me for life!

Yesterday I had a group of friends round for a BBQ. These are the girls I used to work with at a company I left 6 years ago now. However, amidst all those 'oh yes, keep in touch won't you's that you get when you move on that never happen, these girls and I have stuck. It takes effort yes, we all now work in completely different places and had big changes in situation, but we still get together because we want to see each other, because we work well together.

So todays's blog is dedicated to all my wonderful friends. Thank you all for being part of my life and making me me!


Tara said...

I love it!

Uma said...

excellent, it's fab being your friend too :)

Ann said...

I am with you there Lou - I don't know what would have happened to me without my lovely friends, and you are one of them.