Saturday, 5 December 2009

JYC Day 3 & 4

I'm absolutely loving journalling my Christmas. the only problem is I'm spending hours doing it which doesn't bode well for the the weeks to come when it is decidely chaotic! Note to self: must scrap faster!

The 3rd Dec prompt was about Christmas cards. Although I do make some Xmas cards every year, I've done them differently this year and used some new crafty techniques, so I decided to journal about that:

And include a card in the journal too:
4th December prompt was to journal your perfect Christmas. Now, maybe log cabins on the side of a Swiss mountain should have sprung to mind, but to me, the whole chaotic Christmas is what it's all about and so to me, that's perfect! Our favourite Xmas film is National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Apart from being hilarious, I just love how everything goes wrong in a way that you just know it could happen to you. But the whole dysfunctional family thing works to make a perfect Christmas, even with a bucketload of disasters!

Just sat now waiting for today's prompt then it's off for a lovely day and evening at Lisa and Andrew's cabin at the coast (with Lisa & Andrew and all our broods!), then home for treet trimming tomorrow! Yay!


Jaime said...

it's been neat seeing you & marie's different interpretations of the same prompts. i'm living vicariously through both of you since i just can't seem to find time to do stuff like this!

Christmas Vacation is one of our must see movies every holiday season as well!! so much fun!!

but it's spelled Griswold.

Clair said...

These looks so fab Lou. Well done on your start to the season x

kim & co. said...

We just watched Christmas Vacation last night! And I love your LOs. Have you been keeping up? I still have the 6th to do because I wasnt' so excited about that one, but I need to just sit down and write something for it.