Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Attila, Desmond, JYC, Halos and the Giant Jam Sandwich!

I'm a nervous wreck at the moment. Why? Well, a couple of weeks ago I got a letter from the university saying that I would have my degree results before 18th December; that's within the next 10 days! Every time I walk in the house I feel sick incase the postie's been. Then I will have the whole trauma of actually opening the envelope! It all rests now between Attila the Hun and Desmond Tutu!

Quick JYC update: here are days 5, 6 and 7. Prompt 5 was about the countdown to Christmas. I journalled about how I never understand these people that start telling you in September how many days it is til Xmas. To me, the countdown can start once the tree's up (which it is now Chez Gillard!); I've too much else to think about in September!

Prompt 6 was about Xmas memories. It was supposed to be about a good memory and bad memory but who wants to have a lasting reminder of the crap Christmases? So I decided to go with the memories of the kids' first Christmases. I also did my first acetate page:
Which meant a mirrored layout for Prompt 7. This was about organisation. I'm actually fairly well organised for the event itself, it's all my crafty stuff that's taken over. So, I've used this page to try and organise my Christmas projects so they're all done before the big day:

Prompt 8 is on hold as I've had a mad 'sh*t, every Argos is out of stock' moment on a couple of the kids' presents, so had a dash up to Toys R Us. 50% success rate with a good alternative on the other 50%!
I might have been able to do it earlier but I was sat making 16 halos:

It's my school's nativity and I'm in charge of sheep and angels! The sheep were done at the weekend (with expert cottonwool ball sticking by Em!) but tonight it was the turn of a stapler and 12m of tinsel! Carpet's a bit shiny now but at least they're all done!
Finally, I got a lovely piece of post today (no, not the Attila (would rather not have the Desmond!)). Last week they were clearing out our school library and I happened to spy this:

It was my favourite ever book as a kid and I haven't seen it for a good 25 years. So, onto t'Ebay I go and I only found an original version (printed in the year I was born!). Love it! Going to read it to the kids one bedtime and see if they too marvel at the giant loaf of bread!
Right, better pop off and try and make a dent in this To Do list!

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Marie said...

It's even more official then ever. You are completely bonkers Mrs Gillard!

Loving the JYCs. The acetate page looks fab. ROFL @ The Giant Jam Sandwich. I've never seen that before. I'll have to have a little peruse of that when we're over for tea party day.

Fingers crossed for the degree results. You know you'll be fine though. All the best people get 2:1s btw ;)