Monday, 22 June 2009

Pirates of the Caribbean!

So, first day of the holiday. We had quite a good journey (despite the 4am start!), no delays and the plane journeys although 8 hours, didn't seem too long. When we got there, we were straight into cossies and down by the pool, indulging in the free beers and cocktails and meeting the rest of our party.

Because of changes in flights etc we really had to have hen and stag nights that first night so we weren't hungover for the wedding. So, as Gem and Dave aren't the 'tied to a lampost with your eyebrows shaved' sort, we opted for a surprise Pirates of the Caribbean night. Lots of secret emails have been passed around in the last few weeks but it all came together and the pirate outfits all made it!

Lots of pics this week so here's a slideshow!

More tomorrow!

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