Friday, 26 June 2009

And The Bride Wore...

... a lot of novelty items!

OK, not for the actual wedding (pics will be up this weekend, promise!) but it would seem between us we had bought half of eBay's fancy dress items! First of all there were the array of pirate outfits on the first night. Then, the morning after the wedding, Gemma graced us poolside with this get-up: My sister's a Mrs, sniff!
We then had a night with official Tate Match tshirts. Everyone had the same but G&D got special ones:

And the final night was Hawaii night, complete with Hawaiian shirts and garlands:
and special all singing-all dancing flashing ones for the bride and groom:

Emily took her hula outfit:

And Xander his special mini Hawaiian shirt:

Roger borrowed Ellie's grass skirt but I'm not convinced he got the hang of it:

Between all that and wedding outfits, I'm surprised there was any room in the cases left for actual real clothes!


Juicy3675 said...

I've got a t shirt like that!!!!!

Of course mine says "Mrs David Tennant" on it though..but still..almost same!! lol xx

Lou said...

Trust you Jen! ;)