Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Most Picturesque Hairdressers In The World?

Now, I love going to my hairdressers. I've known her for years and we always have a good chat, plus I get to drink coffee and read magazines which is a luxury these days. However, all I get to stare at is my ugly mug in the mirror!

On holiday, we let Emily have her hair braided (and it served a practical function keeping it out of her face!). It took an hour as her hair's so long but look at the hairdressers my daughter got to sit in!

Now that's a much better view than my unmade up face I can tell you!

Em looked cool afterwards:

So much so that Ellie and the girls' new friend Bliss had their's done too:
As the braider had so much custom from us, she insisted on doing Xander a free braid!
What a cool little rasta dude!

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