Saturday, 14 August 2010

Destined For Greatness

Now, I know everyone thinks their kids are wonderful and will do amazing things in their lives. I'm certainly no different there! There's just something about Emily where I know she ain't going to do anything, shall we say quiet. Can you really see her as a librarian (which is ironic as that is one of my prospective career choices!). One thing about my girl, she does go all out and I know that whatever she ends up doing, we'll all have to know about it!

This week, there has been lots of Emilyness going on around here. First of all, she's become famous nationally (well, sort of, if you're impressed by wooly stuff!). If you get down to your local newsagents, look out for this:

I was going to say buy it, but at £4.99 it's a bit of a stretch for knitters, never mind anyone else, I'll save you the fiver right here. Last month, I bought this as it had free wool and a free pattern for a hat. I'd pay a fiver for a hat so was more than willing to hand over Rob's hard earned cash! So, you may remember this post. So chuffed was I with said hat that I emailed the magazine with a picture...which they only blooming well went and printed in this month's mag!

I've never been published before! 6.50am yesterday morning I was out hunting down a copy so when Em got up she could see her beaming face in print!
Now, Em being Em obviously didn't let this bit of fame go to her head....NOT! Beware coming round our house in the next few weeks for fear of suffocation by knitting mag glued to your nose!
In other Emily related news, we've sadly had to say goodbye to Dolly:
Don't worry, Dolly's fine and tucked up in her stable, it's just Em got too big for her and so we had to move on. This morning, she got her first go on her big horse Jet:

Unfortunately I couldn't go as a certain young man was in a silly mood, and silly moods around grumpy horses first thing on a morning ain't a good combination. I was so disappointed but Rob took the camera and got some great shots. Apparently Jet is lovely and so I'm looking forward to meeting her next week.
Next pic, go on, what theme tune's going through your head?!

(Apologies to any non-UK blog readers as you won't have a clue what I'm on about, but I bet everyone born before 1980 in the UK's got it!).
She is amazing on a horse. So much so that we've started considering where she could go with it. I'm not talking Olympics or anything, but there may be some dressage in her future as a little part-time thing. She just has that natural stance with a horse and can control them so well; you only need to look at her posture to see she's a natural.
She couldn't do it full-time anywhay, it would interfere with her career as a wooly hat model! :P
Are you impressed? No, not with Emily, with the fact that it's half way through the school holidays and I can still say nice things about my children! ;).

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Anonymous said...

I called to see Em at mums and she told me I could be her agent! Ill take 15% of all future earnings please

Auntie Gem